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The Just Rabbits Story

Kerry Greener Started Just Rabbits in 2013

Kerry began as a freelance web designer in 1995 and is experienced and highly qualified in many software applications for online marketing and design, making her the ideal candidate for the digital marketing elements of the Easy Vegan business. General marketing skills include content marketing, blog writing, ghostwriting, press advertorials, search engine optimisation, advertising, affiliate marketing, email marketing, CRM and social media management.

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Kerry is also an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, a Digital Marketer Certified Member, an SBI Certified Webmaster, Macromedia Dreamweaver & Fireworks Certified Developer (Adobe Photoshop) and a Business Link Approved Consultant. Kerry was a qualified executive of Neways Limited and passed several certifications for food and nutrition. She studied and researched for many years on the subjects of skin-care and diet with several MLM businesses that led to her going vegetarian in 2001. Kerry embraced the long term vision and is about Easy Vegan becoming the leading guide on veganism in the UK.

Easy Vegan Founder - Bridie Chandegra

Bridie began as an entertainment and club manager in 1985 and developed many skills including staff management, general accounting and stock management, making her ideal suitor for the Easy Vegan finance and administration division of the business. She is about Easy Vegan becoming a household name.

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Bridie Chandegra - Easy Vegan FounderBridie Chandegra - Easy Vegan Founder

She was PA to a high profile finance director, where she excelled in a high-pressure environment. Bridie became a hotelier in 2001 where skills included staff management, customer satisfaction control, bartending, food preparation, interior design and offline marketing. She then went on to become a successful restaurateur dealing with suppliers and promotional event managing. She is also the owner and director of The Galloping Gourmet Ltd and runs a successful community member blog site on vegan gourmet food and wine. Bridie was an avid omnivore most of her life, only recently turning pescatarian in 2018. After founding Easy Vegan and conducting research into vegan meal and menu planning, Bridie joined Kerry on the exciting vegan journey. 

About Easy Vegan's Target Market

The Easy Vegan App has manifested out of the desire for both Kerry and Bridie wishing to go full vegan and the difficulty they encountered in trying to do so. They researched all the dietary and lifestyle wishes of not only their own needs but also the desires of many other omnivores, pescatarians and vegetarians in their immediate circle of influence. The cross-platform solution caters for all of those wishes.

Kerry and Bride, enjoying their Easy Vegan journey.Kerry and Bride, enjoying their Easy Vegan journey.

The founders know there is an unprecedented demand for vegan solutions across the board, from food and clothing to homeware and cars. Research into what people want kept the ball rolling. Curiosity, intrigue and passion for a global cause steadily gained momentum from there.

About Easy Vegan and Global Impact

Over the past few years, becoming vegan has been a pressing issue due to an ever-increasing exposure to the realities of animal cruelty in the food industry. With the vegan trend growing, not only among Millennials but also with Baby-Boomers, it was time to take action, but there were some significant gaps in the overall offerings for people wishing to convert. The most significant obstacle Easy Vegan found was what vegan substitutes to buy to replace the usual shopping list. Eating vegan 'on the go' was also a considerable challenge with limited understanding of vegan nutrition in most restaurants, making availability very limited.

What is veganism? What is a vegan? What does it mean to be a true vegan and how simple is it to convert? All these questions and more are answered here...What is veganism? What is a vegan? What does it mean to be a true vegan and how simple is it to convert? All these questions and more are answered here...

Globally, many people have already converted to vegetarianism but as an understanding of climate change grows, needing to take the next step to veganism becomes crucial. However, the methods are blurred and the ingredients labelled on food products even more confusing. An intelligent App that can convert a current shopping list to a selection of vegan alternatives, then have those products paid for and delivered in a few clicks, is a well-needed convenience to vegetarians wishing to 'step-up' their food choices. The solution also makes it ideal for vegans wanting to 'purify' their buying habits.

The Easy Vegan App makes it simple to SWITCH and STAY.The Easy Vegan App makes it simple to SWITCH and STAY. Find out more here...

The Easy Vegan App fulfils all the above issues and helps with recipes and menu planning. It is a complete 'Vegan Guru-in-the-Pocket'. The cross-platform solution is beneficial to all types of eaters from omnivores and vegetarians to celiacs and those with food intolerances. Living healthy ethically and sustainably has never been easier.

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It's Easy to Switch & Stay Vegan

The Easy Vegan App scans and examines your current shopping list and substitutes each product with a delicious vegan alternative - ethical, sustainable and utterly cruelty-free shopping. 

The Easy Vegan Platform and App is a complete personalised plant-based guru-in-the-pocket for transitioning meat-eaters and vegetarians.The Easy Vegan Platform and App is a complete personalised plant-based guru-in-the-pocket for transitioning meat-eaters and vegetarians.

Get early VIP access to the Easy Vegan App and see how easy it is to 'Switch & Stay' vegan for life.

Easy Vegan 30 Day Switch and Stay Try-Out Challenge.Easy Vegan 30 Day Switch and Stay Try-Out Challenge.

With GPS tracking and intelligent AI learning technology built-in, your transition to a clean, healthy and contribution-based lifestyle starts with an Easy Vegan 30 Day Switch and Stay Try-Out Challenge.

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