Christmas Home Decor

Gold Midas Touch Luxury...

 ...And Sustainable? How Marvellous!

Christmas home decor has turned gold with the touch of Midas this year.  And Easy Vegan's sister company TopEco Home has taken out all the stops to source the very best in sustainable luxury furniture and home decor. Take a look at some of these dazzling glamour and glitz collections and see for yourself.

Easy Vegan & TopEco Home

Easy Vegan's sister company TopEco Home has taken out all the stops and found a design house and manufacturer of luxury furniture that is not only luxurious but also has a range of Christmas home decor that is eco-friendly as well.

Golden Christmas Home Decor Accessories

From the minimalist lines of cubic sconces to the elaborate swirls of impressive wall mirrors, elegant Christmas home decor can be planet-friendly and decadent at the same time.

Golden Wall Lights

Not Just for Christmas Home Decor

Cubic Sconces emerge as a tribute to the in-vogue style and the minimalist grace of the design blends with the strength of the material, and foundry technique. The creators are eco-conscious and aware of their buying choices when selecting the elements to make lighting that is excellent for all year round illumination with a grand sense of extravagance.

Eco-Friendly Materials - Additional Components

Additional elements to be aware of is ensuring manufacturers use water-based glue, paint, and sealants. Eco-friendly, green, recyclable eco building materials have a followable source trail. All components of the manufacturing process get checked to ensure low VOC components (Volatile Organic Compounds.) 

Christmas Home Decor Refurbishment

Are you planning on refurbishing your home or a room in your home?

If so, you have a wealth of choices at TOPECO Home when it comes to style, materials and colours. 

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